Lots of Hakuouki goods for sale!

Hi All, I still have lots of Hakuouki collectibles that need a home!  Please visit my LJ, take a look around and make a comment under the entry listing items you want to buy. I will check the stock, make sure they are available and let you know!  I can give a discount, I just want them to have a home =)

Hakuoki and Amnesia Items For Sale


I have some Hakuoki and Amnesia items to sell. These items are New. I only ship the items within United State and I only accept PayPal.

1. Pencil board : They were just released last month. Each one is $10

From left - I have 2 Harada, 2 Saito, 2 Toudou available

I have 1 of each available

I have 1 of each available

I have 1 of each available

2. Pin, Strap, and Keychain : Pin $6 each, Strap $8 each, Keychain $9 each ( Keychains are new from Hakuoki Shinkai Kaze no shou)

3. Clear Folder : $12 each

4. Melamine Cup : $15 each

I have 1 Saito, 1 Okita

5. Hakuoki Shinkai Kaze no Shou PS Vita Game : $39 ( it comes with bonus drama CD)

I have 1 available

If you are interested in these items, please leave me a comment or pm me to let me know what item you would like to purchase. If you like to collect a particular character's item from Hakuoki or Amnesia, you can also pm me. A lot of time, I need to buy a set to get the character I want. So I would love to sell rest of them to someone who would like to collect them. Thank you! :)
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New layout up!!!

Hello, the new layout is finally up and i hope you will like it, i did my best to make everyone satisfied, you can see your favorite shinsengumi and the new Shinkai characters as well~~
Enjoy and have a nice week end ;D
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Vote Announcement!

Hello dear members~~
I checked the vote for the upcoming layout and the result is "Either is fine" and "Yes" in second, and since i will like to get everyone satisfied with this i will work something out and hope it will please all the members, the new layout is under construction, please be patient, it will be up soon and a new announcement will be done!


Hi all, I have updated my sales with some new items. Also there will be a 20% discount on all in-stock items that are not newly posted and have not been held. Please feel free to check out my sales! I sell official anime collectibles from series such as The Prince of Tennis, Hakuouki, Kuroko no Basuke, Iwatobi Free!, Amnesia, Uta no Prince-sama, Karneval, Gintama, Brother's Conflict, Kuroshitsuji, and many more!!! Here are just a few examples, please click on the picture or link to my Live Journal!!

My Sales Page
Hakuouki Tea cups - Chibi Saitou_1.jpgHakuouki SSL - Vol 2 CF - Hijikata Okita ChizuruAmnesia Still Collection Premium v15 - 06Hakuouki SSL Mug Cup_01
Hakuouki - bookmarks AHakuouki CF - 0913 Sketch ToudouHakuouki - Chibi Towels_02Hakuouki Sega Figure - Okita Rasetsu Version_1
Hakuouki Still Collection Premium v10 - 23item21263_1Hakuouki Collection Figures v1 - Shinsengumi uniform_2Hakuouki Metal Bookmarks_01
Hakuouki Porceline WindchimesHakuouki karakore v.2 - lounging clothes_1Sakura banquet plate - HijikataHakuouki - SSL pencilboard - 02